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Death Spa Review

Death Spa | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I pride myself on my knowledge of 80’s horror. I’ve pretty much seen it all. Some titles elude me, though, even in my persistence. I love to come across movies lost in obscurity; I had Michael Fischa’s Death Spa in my amazon wish list for a long time and when the DVD went “out of print,” I had sort of written it off… until Gorgon Video announced a repress on blu-ray.

My first viewing of Death Spa was an unforgettable experience. This film is everything 80’s in about an hour and a half and it flies by. Chock full of nudity, gore, and quite possibly the best gym ever, Death Spa delivers some fantastic forgotten moments in horror.

The automated “Star Body Health Spa” is a revolutionary gym that uses its computerized equipment as a gimmick for more clients. When the spirit of the owners dead wife returns, she sets her sights on getting him to join her in the after life. But if she can’t have him, he can’t have.. his gym? Well, it’s not gonna win an oscar dammit, but it’s so much fun that you won’t even care.

Ken Foree drops in and has some pretty fun scenes as Marvin, a personal trainer who is best friends with the gym owner, Micheal. The police get involved after a few accidents paint the picture that the automated gym has bugs in its system. That is until things that the computer doesn’t control start going awry. Then the police realize they were wrong. Dead wrong.

This film is the perfect combination of cheese and splatter that will keep any horror fan happy. Gorgon Video took care of this film with a really nice transfer and a few sweet special features, including a “making of” featurette, which most of the cast and crew spend apologizing for the film. I say, you have nothing to apologize for; This film is so much fun.

I fully recommend this one, folks. I give this film 3 reps out of 5.

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