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I Call on You, Shadowman

Ragdoll Review

Ever since I started watching Charles Band and Full Moon’s back catalog, I’ve been trying to find the period in which the films had gone from campy and awesome to pitiful and annoying. Within the first five minutes of 1999’s Ragdoll, I thought I was watching what could have been the first of the terrible films in the ever-extensive library. After the movie started to pick up, however, which luckily was only about ten minutes later, I realized that [...]

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My Four Retarded Uncles…

Unlucky Charms Review

I only began watching Charles Band’s back-catalog within the last year; The first one I saw was “Gingerdead Man” and I hated it. I then decided to go back and start from the beginning. After watching the first five “Puppet Master” movies, I realized that as the years have gone by, Charles Band has either forgotten how to make good movies or just doesn’t want to make good ones anymore.

I recently signed up for the Full Moon streaming service [...]

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