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Dear God, Thumbs Up

Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas Review

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my hatred for anything Troma related. The only thing worse than Troma to me is indie filmmakers who are trying to imitate Troma. That is exactly what you get with Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas — a Troma-style low-budget flick.

I usually don’t like to write completely negative reviews on this site, but I really am having trouble finding anything good to say about this film. All over the packaging of the [...]

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I’m Gonna Kill Him

And All Through the House Review

Ron McLellen’s film “And All Through The House” was winner of the 2011 Atlanta Horrorfest for best local feature film for good reason. I’ve seen tons of horror anthologies ranging from absolute shit to pure gold and “And All Through The House” is the indie scene’s Christmas answer to “Trick r’ Treat.”

The 3 stories are all entwined so well together and executed with great editing. It has many little nods to some great films and you can tell that [...]

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