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You’ve Gone Necro, Bro

Burying the Ex Review

Burying the Ex

Ever since watching Anton Yelchin’s performance in Odd Thomas, I became an immediate fan. When I first got wind of a new zom-com directed by Joe Dante of The Howling and Gremlins fame and starring Yelchin, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. I have to tell you, I was not disappointed either! Burying the Ex turned out to be a great time all around.

Horror fanatic, Max (Yelchin), isn’t happy with his overbearing, overly [...]

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Wake That Dick Up

Zombeavers Review


The best thing about the horror genre is that you can pretty much find a film to watch no matter what mood you are currently in. If you want to be spooked, you can turn off the lights and more often than not, a good supernatural ghost story will do the trick; if you want to have a few friends over and just sit back, relax, and have a good time, you can rent, purchase, or stream any number of [...]

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I Know Karate

The Voices Review

The Voices

Although he has done some more serious roles over the past few years — Buried, Safe House — Ryan Reynolds may perhaps always be known as somewhat of a funny man. I’ve seen a few of his comedic outings like Van Wilder and Waiting…, but never have I seen him portray a character quite like he does in Marjane Satrapi’s black comedy horror film, The Voices.

Jerry (Reynolds) is an awkward factory worker who is seeing a [...]

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How’s Your Butt?

WolfCop Review


Hot off the heels of a great werewolf flick, comes another review dealing with the wolfman sub-genre. In general, I try to stay away from films that have overly silly titles or plots, but occasionally, depending on my mood, will give one a shot. I’m glad I did this time around because Lowell Dean’s widely talked about WolfCop is a great watch all around!

Alcoholic sheriff Lou Garou is turned into a werewolf during a kidnapping and subsequent ancient ritual. [...]

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Tackling a Rod Like a Princess

Blood Car Review

Blood Car

Never being one to follow the festival scene, it seems that I miss out on a lot of great entries from some promising young filmmakers. Year after year, all sorts of awards are given to new and creative films, most of which I never even hear of. One film that made a lot of noise in 2007 with awards like Official Selection and Best Narrative Feature Film, among many others, is getting a home video re-release, eight years later. The [...]

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I Don’t Want to Die in Canada

Tusk Guest Review


Funny. Gory. The most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. Funnyman Kevin Smith directs the horror movie Tusk, based on a strange Craigslist ad he saw a few years back. It has Smith’s usual witty humor along with moments that made my jaw drop and my face cringe. It is very dialogue-heavy, as are many Kevin Smith movies, with great camerawork and amazing special effects makeup on Justin Long.

After seeing the movie and discussing it with people, something that [...]

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I Don’t Speak the Language of Thor

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead Review

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

After watching Dead Snow and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, it is clear to see that director Tommy Wirkola is heavily influenced by the work of Sam Raimi. Combining comedy and horror has been done plenty of times before and by a bunch of different filmmakers, but there are profound style similarities that can be seen in both Raimi and Wirkola’s work. Dead Snow had over-the-top gore and hilarious unexpected humor. Multiply those attributes by five and that’s what [...]

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Fresh Swedish Meat

Companeros Review


Most conversations regarding horror, at one point or another, end up involving mention of Italian cinema and Giallo films. Discussion of Giallo films then lead to spaghetti westerns. I have admittedly not seen very many spaghetti westerns, but the couple that I have seen have been rather enjoyable. The latest one that I’ve added to my collection is Sergio Corbucci’s 1970 action-packed comedy, Companeros.

Yodlaf Peterson is a suave Swedish arms dealer with a love for fast money. [...]

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