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Use Your Eyes

Wither Team Review

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund’s film Wither is certainly a familiar story. Released a mere four months after the Evil Dead remake, it’s safe to say no plagiarism was involved, but these two films are strikingly similar. I, however, feel that Wither is a superior film in many aspects.

Its gut-wrenchingly playful with its violence, and takes no time at all to deliver. The practical effects are nice and the blood flows in gallons. A few cgi shots can be [...]

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Feast on This, Mother F*cker!

Evil Dead Review

As soon as the word ‘remake’ is uttered, horror fans immediately get their angry faces on and start to protest. I can understand that mentality to a certain extent, but I always make sure to at least give the films a chance to speak for themselves before jumping on the hatred bandwagon. The funny thing is, most remakes I watch usually turn out pretty good. One of my favorites in this remake, reboot, and re-imagining trend is most certainly Fede [...]

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