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Do You Wanna be Friends?

Queen Crab Review

Queen Crab | Horror Movie Reviews

As much as I love watching horror films that are supposed to suck you in and get you enveloped in the events that are unfolding on screen, sometimes it’s more fun to just sit back and watch a silly flick. I don’t want to have to think all the time, so a movie that you can watch while ‘shutting off your brain’ is always a good thing. That is exactly what you get with Brett Piper’s sci-fi flick, Queen Crab [...]

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Lost After Dark Review

Lost After Dark

The 1980’s was a glorious time for the slasher genre. John Carpenter’s Halloween changed the game and created a unique template that would
prove successful for years to come. The setups were simple — an isolated location, a group of young, wild teenagers, a lunatic on the loose, and a myriad of weapons and methods to dispatch them. The formula began to lose its steam and even became punchlines for new generations of horror. While it’s true that these films [...]

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We’re Normal!

Infected Review


We’ve all seen zombie flicks from all sides of the spectrum — the low-budget indie films to the blockbuster motion pictures. The problem with that is … just that! We’ve all seen zombie flicks from all sides of the spectrum! It’s all been done before, so where can filmmakers take the sub-genre that hasn’t been seen? It’s extremely hard to say and unfortunately Andrew Gilbert’s Infected just doesn’t do anything to further the zombie craze.

Infected is similar in [...]

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Hey Batter Batter!

Scream Machine Review

Scream Machine

It’s obvious that writer/director/producer Scarlet Fry aka Walter Ruether III is a fan of all things horror and that can be an admirable trait in a filmmaker. However, his film Scream Machine is less of a love letter to genre greats and more of an insult.

Despite having an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame, this film is one big let down in all aspects of horror. Told in anthology form by two terrible hosts, Dr. Fry and Dr. [...]

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Did She Send You?

Auteur Review


Every horror fan has their favorite director, writer, or performer; a person that as soon as their name is uttered, sheer excitement envelopes that fan entirely. For many, it is big name filmmakers like Craven or Carpenter. For others, it could be some of the newer names like Roth or Wan. On the other side of the horror spectrum, there are fans that are such diehard supporters of the independent scene that names like Dustin Mills or Ryan Nicholson get [...]

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This Will Protect You

Voices From the Grave Review

Voices From the Grave

Directors Laurence Holloway and Richard Stoudt’s new film, Voices From the Grave, brings us a horror anthology that has everything we would expect plus more.

I have to say that for a lower budget film, the stories in Voices really move at a pace that you wouldn’t expect and despite some acting and voice overs being less than stellar, the story is captivating and fun.

Each of the three segments are fun with no real weak links among them. [...]

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We’ll be in Touch

Starry Eyes Team Review

Starry Eyes

Occasionally, while treading through the sludge that studios have been passing off as horror films, I come across one that knocks my socks off. I hate to admit it, but most of my time searching through the hours of potential greats, is more often than not a very disappointing journey. I do, however, get to see some really fantastic films that dare to go against the grain. The two writers/directors, Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, have created a film unlike [...]

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The Evil is Upon Us

The Demon's Rook Review

The Demon's Rook

I’m really starting to believe that indie filmmakers have the most fun, when working on a film. Without any restrictions from major studio execs or higher-ups, anything can be said and done and nothing needs to be held back. One new film which shows the exact type of fun I’m talking about is The Demon’s Rook, written and directed by and starring James Sizemore.

Young Roscoe is visited almost nightly by an ancient wizard monk named Dimwos. Dimwos abducts [...]

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