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Terror-Byte Vol. 1

Alien: Isolation Video Game Review

Alien: Isolation

Isolation is the latest in a long line of Alien based games that began with the Fox-produced Atari release in 1982. With every addition to the franchise cinematographically, there were follow-ups across many platforms including mobile devices. However, taking a look back at the majority of these releases, nothing remotely stands out as highly memorable. Last year, we experienced Colonial Marines, which was panned by critics as many of the other games have in the past, failing to capture [...]

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More Than Just an Ape

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The first Apes film I ever saw was 2011’s James Franco-starrer, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I was instantly a fan and this naturally made me curious to see what I had been missing all of these years; I couldn’t ignore the original franchise any longer. It wasn’t until about two years later, however, that I actually followed through with my plan. A new sequel was about to be released in theaters and Best Buy was having [...]

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Give Us a Sign

Moontrap Review


I usually like my sci-fi flicks to have good amounts of gore and to feature some creepy looking aliens or creatures. If it’s not taking place in an outerspace setting, then there has to be some sort of really neat looking machines or robots. Well, what about a movie that tries to combine the two ideas by presenting an ancient alien race of robots!? That’s exactly what we get with Robert Dyke’s 1989 science fiction outing, Moontrap.

Moontrap stars [...]

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We Can’t Let You Die

Automata Review


Roger and I have reviewed sci-fi films here and there, but I feel like they are always horror flicks infused with only a bit of science fiction; they are never purely sci-fi. I think I’ve finally found a film that can fall into that realm of all science, no horror. The film I am referring to is Gabe Ibanez’s stunningly beautiful Automata.

In a future version of the Earth, humans share their surroundings with robots they’ve created to help [...]

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You Will Face the Beast

Krull Review


There are tons of movies that have slipped right by me over the years. I don’t even mean just in the horror genre either. If it weren’t for studios like Mill Creek Entertainment, I would have never had the opportunity to watch the 80’s sci-fi adventure film, Krull.

On the planet Krull, a young couple are to be wed and named the new king and queen, when an opposing force, the Black Fortress, and its Slayers interrupt the ceremony, [...]

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Mind If I Take Off My Shirt?

Nightbeast Review

The little obscure films of yesteryear really appeal to me, and I love finding “new” movies to occupy my time. About a week ago, I stumbled upon Troma’s YouTube page [Tromamovies] and watched the documentary Blood, Boobs and Beast. Honestly, I had little knowledge of filmmaker Don Dohler and his various fun films. After watching the documentary, I decided to seek out some of his work… and I didn’t have to search very hard.

Dohler’s film, Nightbeast, is [...]

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Just Start…From the Start

Without Warning Review

Without Warning

There’s nothing I love more than finding a movie that has been lost in obscurity for a couple of decades. When an old film that never really got the respect it deserved finds a brand new audience, it’s a beautiful thing. With companies like Shout! Factory getting the rights, cleaning them up and putting them back out for the world to rediscover, we couldn’t really ask for much more.

Greydon Clark (Uninvited, Black Shampoo) released Without Warning [...]

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A Piece of Human Junk

Scanners Review


For years, I’ve not only heard of, but I’ve also seen the poster art for David Cronenberg’s 1981 sci-fi classic, Scanners. Funny enough, I never even knew what the film was actually about. Almost 25 years after it’s release, I can finally cross it off of my must-see list, thanks to an awesome release by Criterion.

Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack) is a homeless man with powers he didn’t even know he had. He is a ‘scanner,’ someone who has [...]

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