I Like to Watch Them Fall

Villanelle Team Review

After watching “Villanelle,” it is clear to me that director Rick Laprade (and his team of writers) is not only a faithful student of filmmaking, but also a highly imaginative individual. He seems to have taken great care of his work in every way, shape, and form to delivery a product that only he could have created.

While it is obvious to viewers that this film was not made with a large studio budget, that doesn’t seem to have hindered [...]

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Don’t Mind if I Do

Provoked Team Review

My previous experiences with low-budget, independent horror films have never really gone that great. With poor acting, shoddy effects, and shaky camera work, indie flicks usually leave me wishing I hadn’t even wasted my time pressing play. Now, there are a few occasions where I do come across a hidden gem in the pile of manure that’s out there and lucky for me, Jordan Pacheco’s “Provoked” certainly leans more towards the gem side of the spectrum.

The acting kind of [...]

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He’s so Cold… is the Pizza?

The Slumber Party Massacre Team Review

Slumber Party Massacre | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

For you to fully understand how I feel about this movie, I have to take you on a little journey. A journey to a time of when the best part of the weekend was gathering with a group of friends, loading up on pizza and Mountain Dew, and hitting the local video store. This was an every weekend thing for me when I was growing up. We would always rent 2 or 3 movies and just soak them in all [...]

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Extra long… Shoelaces

Jack O Slasher Team Review

Jennifer Valdes is a true student of indy film making and her film, “Jack O Slasher,” is a prime example. This film is reminiscent of early shot-on-video horror films like “Sledge Hammer” or much of the Troma library. Writing, directing, and editing a film all by yourself can be a daunting task even for the most experienced director. However, by keeping the runtime at barely over an hour, she allows for the pace to be relentless and keeps the campiness [...]

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Hey, Science!

The Last Slumber Party Team Review

I want to start my review off in a positive manor, so let me just say I did enjoy this film. However, I didn’t enjoy it for the right reasons. The Last Slumber Party was written and directed by Stephen Tyler (not of Aerosmith). I say written and directed very loosely, as well, because it seems to me like very little effort was put into this film, which is not uncommon, especially in the 80’s. However, little is excusable here. [...]

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