Your Feet are Perfect

The Untold Story Review

The Untold Story poster

Many years have passed since I started writing film reviews. In that time, I’ve covered everything from mainstream action blockbusters and animated films to the grimiest low-budget horror flicks I could personally handle. From time to time, I have to remind myself why I started this site and really get back to the ‘repulsive’ side of Repulsive Reviews. There is no better way to do that today than with Herman Yau’s The Untold Story.

The Plot

After severed limbs [...]

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Disgust Me. Terrify Me.

The World is Full of Secrets Review

The World is Full of Secrets poster

Sadly October is coming to an end very shortly. With a few days left in the month, my goal of watching at least one horror film per day continues. Although, I’m not necessarily sure I can categorize this one as a horror movie. Read on as I discuss Graham Swon’s The World is Full of Secrets.

The Plot

An elderly woman recalls one night as a young girl when her and her friends got together without any parental supervision. [...]

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Somebody Get This Girl a Refill

Scare Package Review

Scare Package poster

No Halloween ‘season’ or month-long marathon is complete without at least one anthology film, right? Truth be told, this isn’t actually the first one I’ve watched this month. It is, however, the first that I am discussing here with you, so without further ado, let’s discuss Scare Package.

The Plot

Chad has hired a new employee for Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium. As part of his training, Chad recounts various horrifying tales, to get his new, best employee ready for [...]

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But It’s Already so Cold

The Dead Ones Review

The Dead Ones poster

We are about a third of the way into October and I remain successful on my quest to join the rest of the October marathoners in the Halloween Hall of Fame. Instead of continuing to scour Netflix or Amazon Prime for horror flicks, I decided it’d be best to grab the next title from my mountainous ‘to watch’ pile. The lucky film chosen was Jeremy Kasten’s The Dead Ones.

The Plot

A group of teens are sentenced to detention [...]

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The Sinclairs are Gifted

Broil Review

Broil poster

I’m really shocked that I’ve been able to keep the horror-movie-a-day streak going this year, guys! I know, I know. It’s only eight days into the month and I can screw it up at any time. I haven’t so far and that is cause for celebration. Well, if not celebration, at least another review? Read on as I discuss my thoughts on Edward Drake’s Broil.

The Plot

After a couple of suspensions from school, 17-year-old Chance (Avery Konrad, Unspeakable [...]

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I Need More Carrots, Dawg

The Tax Collector Review

The Tax Collector poster

My last review opened with a statement about my yearly losing battle of conducting all-month-long horror marathons. This year, although it’s only been four days, I can say that I’m doing well. While I’m sure I will be watching a genuine horror film tonight at some point, I wanted to take a break and discuss a different genre film — David Ayer’s The Tax Collector.

The Plot

Street enforcers David (Bobby Soto, The Quarry, A Better Life) [...]

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