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100 Tears Review

100 Tears

More often than not, independent horror filmmakers lack the imagination to make the best of their low and no-budget films. I understand that with very little money comes very little resources, but there are still some directors out there that can still churn out a great product. A perfect example of this is 100 Tears by Marcus Koch.

Jennifer (Georgia Chris) and Mark (Joe Davison) are two tabloid reporters who are trying to find their next big story. They decide to do a little detective work and follow the case of “The Teardrop Killer.” Little do they know, the killer is closer to their hometown than they could have ever imagined.

At this point, I’ve seen plenty of indie horror flicks and even a few that have to do with killer clowns, but none have ever been this entertaining. Everything in 100 Tears is over-the-top, but it all fits perfectly. From Gurdy the Clown’s dramatically oversized meat cleaver to the pools of blood used for every kill, everything just seems to work.

I didn’t realize how much talent was actually involved in this film until looking at the credits and watching some of the behind-the-scenes featurettes accompanying the film. Marcus Koch not only directed this killer clown slasher, but he also was the mastermind and craftsman behind all of the special effects and did some of the camerawork, as well. Joe Davison acted not only as the writer of 100 Tears, but also acted as one half of the journalist duo, Mark.

The acting in this film was way better than most independent horrors I’ve seen. Georgia Chris and Joe Davison as Jennifer and Mark, respectively, had an amazing chemistry on-screen and I really enjoyed watching them act together throughout the film. The rest of the cast was equally as entertaining, bringing some silliness to the script, while managing to stay away from making things too goofy.

If you are a fan of independent horror, 100 Tears is most certainly a film you need to watch. I’ve never seen the original cut of the film, but the extended director’s cut released by Unearthed Films and MVD visual is amazing from start to finish.

I give this movie 3.5 teardrops out of 5.

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