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A Cadaver Christmas Review

A Cadaver Christmas

Joe Zerull’s A Cadaver Christmas is a ridiculously fun grindhouse style horror/comedy film. Everything that horror fans love is present and executed very well for a lower-budget splatter flick.

Writers Daniel Rairdin-Hale and Hanlon Smith-Dorsey’s script is fresh, fun, and it seems much of the humor was improvised on the spot. Both pull double duty as writers and actors in Christmas and bring characters jumping to life with each scene. Fans of Planet Terror will undoubtedly be fans of this one.

The gore is plentiful and brought to life by an impressive FX team that clearly had fun with each gag they were presented… and this film has a LOT of effects gags! It is similar to Dead Alive in that it manages to be gross and hilarious at the same time. A Cadaver Christmas utilizes the grindhouse format giving it a little something different from all of the other low-budget movies attempting to accomplish the same things.

The acting is never really top-notch, but it’s also never really a problem; It’s expected to be silly and over the top.

This film really is just an excuse to sever heads and let the blood flow! Have some fun with this one. Check it out and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.

I personally give this one 2.5 mop buckets out of 5.

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