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All Hallows' Eve Review

All Hallow's Eve

Director Damien Leone is one nasty, talented S.O.B. If you are big into short horror films or the indie horror scene, you have probably seen some of his truly disturbing work. I had been waiting for his film All Hallows’ Eve to get released without the knowledge that most of the film had already been released on the internet as short films, so I went in completely blind and left more than happy.

I’m a huge fan of horror anthologies for the simple reason that the director will get more than one shot at impressing me. His Character “Art the Clown” is our “Samara” (The Ring) or “Sadako” (Ringu) of this film. All Hallows’ Eve has an interesting enough story tying the anthology together to almost take it out of that short film category and makes it feel like one giant terrifying story.

Two children receive an un-marked VHS tape while out trick or treating and convince the babysitter to let them watch it, each story more gruesome than the next.

I really felt like the stories were very well written and executed with the exception of the alien short story, which I had numerous problems with. This is a great horror film that I feel does things a lot better than movies like V/H/S or ABC’s of Death. Leone goes to great extremes to give you some great scares and a memorable villain, tying his short films together without making it feel forced.

I dig this one and urge everyone to check it out. I give this one 2.5 severed heads out of 5.

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