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Axed Review


Thousands of people lose their jobs and get laid off every year. Some are able to bounce back rather quickly and start anew, while others have a more difficult time adapting to the sudden change. Ryan Lee Driscoll’s horror thriller, Axed, is the story of a man who goes through such a change.

Kurt is laid off from his job. He can no longer afford his mortgage, he thinks his wife will leave him, and they will lose everything. His solution to all of this? To take his wife and two children to a secluded cabin and kill them all, before ending his own life.

There are plenty of genre films that have some level of authenticity to them. Sure, psychos can don masks and go on a killing spree, but they don’t usually happen like we’ve seen in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th. That’s where the allure of Axed comes in. I feel like anyone and every one can relate to what Kurt is going through. At one point or another, depending on what you do for a living, haven’t you feared losing your job? Have you thought of what would happen if you were let go from work? The thought of losing everything was just too much for Kurt to bear, so he snapped.

The acting performances in Axed were all very good. Jonathan Hansler did an outstanding job as Kurt, a man who not only got fired from his job, but also found out that the man who fired him was having an affair with his wife. He is able to instantly flip a switch, going from caring father to distraught madman in a matter of seconds. Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener, and Christopher Rithin were also very impressive as Steph, Megan, and Jay, the family members of Kurt.

While the film wasn’t overly mind-blowing with its makeup effects, everything was still done well enough to be believable. There was no CGI present here, which is always a plus, and the fake blood used throughout the film served its purpose. Kurt does enough stabbing and hacking in this film to please most of you gore addicts out there.

Presented by Fangoria, Axed is a fun little flick to pass 90 minutes of your time. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I give this film 2.5 little red pills out of 5.

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