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Big Bad Wolves Review

There is a first time for everything. Over the years, I have seen horror films from all over the country, but never have I watched an Israeli horror. Even according to Wikipedia, there are literally only two Israeli horror films in existence and they are both directed by the same people. I have not seen their first project, but Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s Big Bad Wolves is entertaining, funny, and brutal all at the same time.

A Bible study teacher is suspected of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of a young girl. Without proof, there isn’t much that can be done by the Israeli police department, but that doesn’t stop one officer, Micki (Lior Ashkenazi), from continuing his search for the truth. In addition to Micki, one of the victims’ fathers also decides to take vengeance into his own hands, by abducting the suspect and chaining him to a chair in his sound proof basement. The father, Gidi (Tzahi Grad), wants some answers and is prepared to torture the teacher just as his daughter was tortured, to get those answers.

The entire cast did an awesome job; All of the actors were great, which is always a question when coming into a film where you are not familiar with any of the cast. Each performer fed nicely off of each other, while still maintaining their own unique, individual character.

I am always a fan of films who use little to no computer generated graphics and it seems that a lot of filmmakers are going back to the days where everything was done with practical effects and make-up. Big Bad Wolves is no exception. All blood and gore you see on screen is done the good old fashioned way, with no post-production CG added in. The best part about that is that the effects all look great. Why use CG effects when everything comes out perfectly without them!?

Do not dismiss this film as another ‘torture porn’ horror flick. Although there are some rather grueling scenes to sit through, it is all done within the context of the story. Big Bad Wolves is meant to play out like an adult version of a fairy tale; It is gruesome, but it is also comical. It is meant to entertain on multiple levels and does so successfully.

I do feel that the outcome of the movie is rather predictable, but even still, the film does close on a rather unforeseeable note. I’m not sure of the last time I saw a film’s ending and questioned whether there was a need for a sequel or not. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but Big Bad Wolves is one of those films. The ending is not your typical happy or sad one, but rather a mix of both that you will have to see for yourself.

I am a huge fan of pretty much the entire Magnet Releasing catalog of films and highly recommend checking out every movie Roger and I have reviewed that has come out of that studio. You can purchase a copy of this film through Magnet Releasing/Magnolia Home Entertainment when it is officially released on April 22 or watch it now On Demand.

I give this film 3.5 toenails out of 5.

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