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Black Metal Veins Review

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So… this was a very hard one for me to watch… it’s a very hard one for anyone to watch because it’s 100% real. Back in 2012, Lucifer Valentine directed Black Metal Veins, a documentary that was distributed by Unearthed films and it is one hell of a watch.

“BLACK METAL VEINS unflinchingly documents the dark realities of despair and morbid self-annihilation surrounding the lives of five heroin and crack cocaine addicts, set against a soundtrack of black metal rock. Director Lucifer Valentine uses their intertwining stories to delve into the perils of drug use, and shine a light on the black void of pain, loss, sadness, and abandonment that can never be filled by the elusive high of heroin or crack. The film leads the viewer down the agonizing path of psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual destruction as the grim disease of addiction infects and decays the bodies and minds of these five young people.”

THIS MOVIE DOES NOT FLINCH AT ANYTHING! You will see people shooting up and using dope and crack; You will even see an overdose. If you ever needed an anti-drug PSA to show someone who will prevent them from ever using drugs, Black Metal Veins is it. I have seen so many things I can not unsee due to this documentary and for a man who only has five films under his belt, Lucifer Valentine truly hits you hard, showing you the dark side of drugs.

As you watch the film, you meet people like Chris, who died during the filming of the documentary from a drug deal gone bad, Raven and her boyfriend Mark, who has pawned stuff to make sure she can feed her dope habit only to overdose in front of our eyes, Autumn, who prostitutes herself for cash for drugs, and Brad and his family, who have tried to help him out of his drug habit only to fail over and over again. This is truly a depressing film that will make sure you NEVER touch a drug ever again.

I would wholeheartedly say that Black Metal Veins is a must see for sure. You can find it on Amazon and through Unearthed Films. It is also currently on Snagfilms, as well.


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