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Cold Ground Review

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There was a time when all I watched was found footage films. A few years back, it seemed as though everyone and their mother was making them. Trust me, there were a lot of duds to sift through. Thankfully, there were also a lot of gems, too. Read on to find out where Fabien Delage’s Cold Ground fits in amongst the pack.

The Plot

In 1976, a group of biologists and journalists were investigating multiple cases of animal mutilations in the mountains of the French-Swiss border. The footage has been found and digitally enhanced, 40 years after it was originally shot. Now, we can learn the truth of what happened all those years ago…

My Thoughts

I’ve always stood by the stance that found footage films are an indie filmmaker’s best friend. What better way of masking a modest budget than with a style that is made to look amateurish and not as polished as most big budget blockbusters? After watching Cold Ground, I am convinced that producer, writer, and director Fabien Delage could have made an enjoyable horror flick no matter how he decided to do so, but the found footage sub-genre just helped him that much more.

Featuring a small but talented cast, Cold Ground was a joy to watch. Every single performer involved was as talented as they come, really making me feel every single thing they experienced. Whether they were anxious and ready to go on their exciting journey or terrified and crying in fear, I felt it.

Fabien Delage has managed to take the best of the survival horror genre and another sub-genre that I can’t identify without spoiling the movie and wrapped it in a beautiful found footage bow for all of us to enjoy.

Cold Ground, while slow for only a few moments here and there throughout its 86 minute runtime, is as beautiful as it is unrelenting. The practical special effects are top notch and the snow covered mountain scenery is as gorgeous as it is treacherous. I couldn’t help but think of how serene an experience the trek taken by the cast would have been if not for such dire conditions and circumstances. They were investigating mysterious animal mutilations after all…

The Verdict

If you, like me, have spent some time away from the found footage sub-genre, do yourself a favor and dip back in with Cold Ground. It is inventive and uses the “shaky handheld camera” technique in the best ways possible.

Pick up your copy of Cold Ground, which is available now on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

I will certainly be keeping an eye out for any future projects that Fabien Delage is involved in, and I advise you all to do the same. I am an instant fan of this young French filmmaker and give his film 4 human jawbones out of 5!

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