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Contracted Review

Eric England’s Contracted is one of those movies that caught me off guard; I was intrigued when the trailer was released and was looking forward to seeing it. During the wait, I kept seeing people praising another film, Thanatomorphose, calling it “a better version of Contracted,” so like a dummy, I took the bait and that film was god awful. This left me sad, thinking that Contracted would fall short of a movie I couldn’t even finish. However, Frank got to check out Contracted and told me how impressive it was. I take my colleague’s word over random internet idiots’ any day, and let me tell you, Contracted delivers big time!

Unlike its cheap, pile of crap counterpart, Contracted is a film about the virus, while spread through a sexual encounter. This film doesn’t rely on nudity or graphic sexual content to sell the fact that the main character is sick, confused, and scared to death.

Mike Testin’s cinematography is beautiful and really is used as a tool in the story telling, as well. The gore is at a minimum, but in my honest opinion, the film didn’t need to be a gorefest. Contracted sells the fear and makes you think twice about chance sexual encounters.

This is a must see horror film! It’s well-acted with genuinely disturbing subject matter. This is the horror genre’s version of Kids. Do NOT skip this one!!

I give this film 4 maggots out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    Nice review and yes, its a good movie!

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