I Don’t Remember What I Remember

Pig Review

I generally don’t like to watch films that make me have to think too hard. Now, it’s not because I am unintelligent or incapable of deep thought, but I’d rather just sit back and relax and let the movie do the thinking for me. Luckily for me, even though it is touted as a “twisty brain teaser,” Henry Barrial’s Pig did not rattle my brain too much.

Less of a horror film and more of a psychological journey through a man’s forgotten past, Pig is a much easier watch than the comparable Primer. Although there are some flashbacks and quite a few returns to the desert, the story sticks closely enough to a linear progression that it makes it fairly easy to follow. You may be scratching your head at points, but all is explained in perfect detail towards the end of the final act, when it is also made clear as to why this film is considered science fiction.

The acting in this film is done fairly well with Rudolf Martin (NCIS) playing the lead role, credited simply as “man.” We follow man around from place to place as he tries to figure out his past and who he really is. The story moves along rather slowly for my taste, but as the last 20 minutes or so of its 90 minute runtime approach, things pick up just enough to regain some of my lost interest. I do enjoy the end of the film and think it sums things up very nicely.

If you’re looking for a film that makes you think a little and is different than all of the gore flicks you’ve been watching, you should definitely give Pig a shot. Hey, if you don’t like it, you can always try and find a way to forget you ever saw it! Like the man… who has no memory… get it? Sure you do!

I give this sci-fi thinker 3 trips to the desert out of 5.

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