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Exhumed Review

It’s always great to see that a filmmaker has versatility and doesn’t always repeat himself when making movies in the horror genre. To be able to make a comical exploitation spoof like The Disco Exorcist and then turn around and churn out another project completely different really shows Richard Griffin’s range as an independent director.

Griffin’s 2011 film, Exhumed, is much different from any indie film I’ve ever seen. Shooting the film in black and white really added a different element to the film and changed the tone quite a bit from what you’d expect, simply by washing out any and all color (well, almost all; there are a few scenes shot in color). It was great to see some familiar faces in Sarah Nicklin (The Disco Exorcist), Michael Reed (The Disco Exorcist), and Rich Tretheway (Villanelle). In fact, the entire cast did a really great job in this film. I thought every one really brought their A game, bringing unique characters and adding variety to the ‘family.’

The musical score and sound design is also noteworthy. Although creepy at times, the music repeated throughout the film isn’t really what you’d come to expect from a horror film. With a lovely female voice that sounds rather soothing, it is haunting and uplifting at the same time.

It seems that Exhumed had everything going for it, really — great acting, creative camera and lighting work, etc. The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is how I watched the entire 90 minute film and still have no idea what it was about. Seriously, I really have no idea what this group of people were supposed to be. There were times where I thought they could be vampires, but there certainly was no proof of that. I really cannot tell you why this family was so strange. Sadly, I just have to accept that that’s how they were.

Go out a get a copy of this film from the official Wild Eye Releasing webstore, and maybe you can help me fill in the blanks! Although somewhat confused, I still enjoyed it overall and give it 3 mannequins out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    Sounds very promising to me, I tried The Disco Exorcist a while ago and I didn’t like it much. This movies is possibly a movie I like more. And I agree with you that it’s great to see that a filmmaker doesn’t stick to a certain style. Nice review.

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