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Don't Go to the Reunion Review

Holy Flashback! The only thing that could make director Steve Goltz’s Don’t Go to the Reunion any more of a retro 80’s slasher would be releasing it only on VHS. This film has everything that fans of the 80’s splatter films crave — a large body count, buckets of blood, nudity, and humor — successfully blending the vintage slasher feel with the more modern and self-aware Scream era.

Paul Bjorge’s cinematography is spot on with keeping the tone of the decade. This film has some effective kills paying homage to the horror genre in general, nearly duplicated shot-for-shot with great care and obvious love for the subject matter. This film is a love letter written in blood to genre fans.

Similar to Slaughter High (which happens to be a personal favorite of mine) in plot, not much explanation is needed and it doesn’t take long for the bodies to start piling up. With a run time of about 75 minutes, the pacing is perfect, never seeming to drag on or leave you waiting for something to happen. If you love those grimey old slasher films, you’d be a fool not to check this one out!

This film gets the Rottin’ Roger Demarco seal of approval with 3 tweets out of 5.

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  1. Frank Fulci says:

    Just finished this movie, myself. I loved it! I wish they could have had a larger budget, but the filmmakers still did an awesome job with this!

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