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Freddy vs. Jason Review

In 2003, our dreams became reality when New Line Cinema let director, Ronny Yu, have a crack at bringing the Freddy vs. Jason concept to life. This is my retrospective of that film, how I felt then… and now.

In 2003, I was just 19 years old and I was more than excited for the release of Freddy vs. Jason. I, like many Jason fans, was beyond upset that Kane Hodder was not returning as our beloved villain, but I was willing to look past it, simply for the fact that this film was FINALLY going to happen! I skipped school the Friday of its release, bought the official magazine, soundtrack, and novel before heading to the very first showing at noon.

The theater was packed to the brim and the crowd was very loud. Normally, I would be upset at people being so inconsiderate of the film, but I was so excited, it was easy to block them out. Once the screening was over, I was pumped, I had officially seen the two baddest villains of my time square off… I hit the lobby and bought another ticket for the next showing.

This time, I was more relaxed and much more critical. A sinking feeling hit me at about the half hour mark. This… was not a good movie. It was a popcorn movie and it got me. The fist viewing was what New Line wanted… I felt a little cheated. This go around, I noticed everything wrong. The acting was atrocious, the script was beyond pathetic, continuously explaining the plot as if fans of the two franchises were drooling neanderthals incapable of understanding what was happening.

The decision to have Ronny Yu direct has been a problem of mine for a very long time. I just can’t understand how you put that much trust in a person who isn’t familiar with either character. Every time I watch it, I can’t help but get more and more upset with everything wrong with it. I’m grateful that it became a film, but I don’t have to like it as a whole.

Nearly 12 years since its official release and I can honestly say that it hasn’t grown on me. Freddy vs. Jason is an easy way to burn up an hour and a half. You can have fun watching it. I just don’t think you have fun for the right reasons. Freddy vs. Jason gets two stars for the effort… Hey, with the way things are going, a remake will probably be announced soon anyway.

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