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Bloody Birthday Review

Just by looking at the artwork for Ed Hunt’s “Bloody Birthday,” I knew there was going to be some great slasher fun to be had! Boy, it didn’t take long for the action to start either. Within the first 15 minutes of the film, not only do we get the first two kills, but we are already introduced to all [three] of the killers!

I have to say, the entire cast of this film did a great job, but I have to give it up for the three ‘killer kids’ in this one. I can imagine being an adult actor and having to be creepy, but for child actors to be able to pull it off always impresses me. The children playing Debbie, Curtis, and Kevin are fantastic in that they seem like your average 10 year olds, but with a simple smile can creep you out almost instantly.

I’m not a huge fan of guns being the main weapon in slasher flicks, but I think they were able to utilize it pretty well by introducing the toy replica early on in the story. While there were a few deaths using other techniques, I would have liked a bit more variety.

For some reason, the creators of this film didn’t want to get too explicit with the blood and gore. Most of the kills are suggested, and there isn’t much blood to be seen. There is an occasional gunshot shown and a bloody eyehole, but the effects team really didn’t get a great chance to shine. It is a shame and I think it is something that could have greatly improved this film’s overall feel.

I think the eclipse concept and the overall use of horoscopes was a great idea and a twist not often seen in slashers, but I don’t think it is focused on as much as it could have been. If the movie were a bit longer, maybe the writers could have dove a little deeper into the story behind the childrens’ births.

The final ‘fight’ scene isn’t as exciting as I had hoped, but it was acceptable and is somewhat made up for when we get to find out what Debbie is up to, after fleeing the scene with her Mother.

The movie isn’t the best, but it does have its strengths. Overall, I give it 3.5 candles out of 5.

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