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Hotel Inferno Review

Hotel Inferno Movie Review

My recent journey into the history of Italian horror cinema reminded me of some films that I have been meaning to watch for years. While the ones I am referring to aren’t considered giallo by any means, they are created by Italian filmmakers. One of the films I’m referring to is Giulio De Santi’s Hotel Inferno.

The Plot

Hitman Frank Zimosa is hired for what he considers a simple job — head to a location and take out an unsuspecting couple. Little does he know that the couple he is after also work for the same man who hired him, the same man who also happens to be serving a much darker, ancient purpose. Now Frank must fight for his life and his soul, slaughtering anyone who gets in his way.

My Thoughts

It must have been right around the time this film was originally released that I heard clamoring of how gory and explicit it was. It was rather difficult to hunt down a copy for myself in 2013, however, so it wasn’t until this many years later that I finally got my hands on Hotel Inferno.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that all of the hype was real; This film is as every bit extreme and gory as everyone was claiming, if not more. Within the first 30 seconds, a man is shown getting his throat violently slit from end to end. That sets the stage perfectly for the remaining 77 minutes of the film.

Akin to the more widely released Hardcore Henry that would come a couple of years later, Hotel Inferno plays out like a live-action first person video game. Everything from the score, composed and performed by Razzaw and Protector101, to the bright oozing greens and bloody reds makes you feel like you’re really Frank, running for your life, killing the infected hitmen who inhabit the demonic hotel.

The kills, and there are tons of them, are executed with a combination of convincing practical effects and impressive CG work.

The Verdict

If you are a fan of violent video games or good old splatter flicks, Hotel Inferno is a film you are in serious need of watching. The acting and dialogue aren’t the greatest, but when your screen is constantly being inundated with buckets of blood and guts, who really cares?

Originally released in Europe by Necrostorm, Hotel Inferno can be found on DVD in the States at pretty affordable prices, thanks to Wild Eye Releasing. Be sure to pick up your copy today to experience this fun over-the-top splatter fest.

I give this one 3.5 ancient rusty blades out of 5.

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