Inkubus Review


The one thing I take great pleasure in is being one of the most tolerant horror fans in the world. It seems like I always find the good in films that my colleagues and friends like to find the bad in, but the door swings both ways; I tend to find things I hate about films that they praise. I suppose that’s the great freedom of being in the “review” business — everyone has an opinion, and if you ask them, their opinion is the right one. I, however, try my damnedest to suggest that even if I don’t like a film, some of you might enjoy it or if I love one, some of you might hate it.

I came across a little film called Inkubus the other day, at a mom and pop video shop, for $1 still sealed. Naturally I took the gamble… This film stars Robert Englund and William Forsythe and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Glenn Ciano directed this odd little film and he let Mr. Freddy Krueger himself flex his acting muscles as a nasty demon with a love for magic. Forsythe plays a great role of a retired detective who was hot on the demon’s trail at one point in his career and who gets lured back into the demon’s game one last time.

This film really had a claustrophobic feel like Assault on Precinct 13 and The Thing. The budget is used wisely with only a few hokey shots of Robert with red glowing eyes and mostly everything is a practical effect or done off camera. This is one of those films that manages to pull off everything without a huge budget.

The acting is wonderful, with Englund getting to really ham it up and soak up every second of his screen time and Forsythe flexing his chops with a wonderful range that he manages to pack into his character. This film caught me completely by surprise because I was willing to give it a shot, but not prepared to like it as much as I did.

I believe Inkubus is on Netflix streaming at the moment and you might have passed over it a few times without even realizing that something solid was in that 90 minutes. Give this one a go, I personally give it 3 severed heads out of 5.

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