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Killer Workout Review

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I have gone through plenty of phases throughout my life, as I’m sure most of you have. There have been two constants over the years, however — working out/fitness and horror movies. What better way to celebrate the two pastimes than with an awesome 80’s slasher that takes place almost entirely in a gym, David A. Prior’s Killer Workout.

“Rhonda’s Workout” is where all the local beauties get their sweat on, but as of late, it is also the home of some grisly murders. Detective Morgan (David James Campbell) continues his search for the killer, as the body count steadily increases.

Also known as Aerobicide, this 1987 flick has all of the tropes we’ve come to know and love in our favorite slasher flicks of yesteryear — cheesy acting performances [some better than others], gratuitous nudity, and a fairly high body count. It also contains some of the silliest fight scenes, on-foot police chases, more spandex than a Jane Fonda workout tape, and the largest safety-pin I’ve ever seen! I’ve seen more Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and ‘best butt ever’ classes than most people and I’ve never witnessed so much gyrating and dry-humping in my life. Those outrageously entertaining workout segments, coupled with some of my favorite 80’s pump-you-up music I’ve ever heard is what make Killer Workout so great!

While I wish there was more blood in this one, there is still just enough to satiate even the most jaded of slasher fans. Killer Workout features a variety of kills, including those at the end of the aforementioned gigantic safety-pin, gunshot, and of course a dumbbell to the face. The fact that the gym equipment was used as a means to kill was the icing on the cake that I was longing for during the first half of the film. I was beginning to get nervous that the ‘sewing needle’ was the only thing that would be utilized, but once that lat-pulldown bar came lose and the dumbbell came flying into the picture, a huge smile came across my face and my love for Killer Workout was solidified.

Sourced and remastered from PAL Beta SP, this is the best you will ever see Prior’s Killer Workout. There are obviously a few noticeable hiccups in the picture quality throughout the film’s 85 minute runtime, but Slasher // Video has done an outstanding job cleaning this title up for fans as best as possible. Everything from the picture and audio quality to the cover art have been touched up and brought into the 20th century, while still maintaining that awesome vintage VHS feel.

If you love slasher films as much as Rottin’ Roger and myself, do yourself a favor and check out Killer Workout. Even better, if you love working out and fitness as much as I do, this would make a perfect double feature with another hidden gem from the 80’s, Death Spa. Killer Workout is available now for the first time ever on Blu-ray from Slasher // Video and Olive Films.

I give this fitness fright an official Repulsive Rating of 3.5 bloody dumbbells out of 5.

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