You Will Face the Beast

Krull Review


There are tons of movies that have slipped right by me over the years. I don’t even mean just in the horror genre either. If it weren’t for studios like Mill Creek Entertainment, I would have never had the opportunity to watch the 80’s sci-fi adventure film, Krull.

On the planet Krull, a young couple are to be wed and named the new king and queen, when an opposing force, the Black Fortress, and its Slayers interrupt the ceremony, laying waste to the entire kingdom and kidnapping the young queen. Colwyn has to muster up the courage to begin his journey to find his new bride before it is too late.

Peter Yates’ Krull is an adventure sci-fi film not unlike Hercules, The Odyssey, and even Star Wars. It is full of fantastical creatures, fictional locations, and magic. Although it is mostly light-hearted and I would consider it a family friendly film, it does have its dark moments, too, widening its prospective audience even more.

Krull started off dull, but quickly drew me in with its beautiful settings, impressive-for-its-time special effects, and clever script. This newly restored HD rendition of the film looks gorgeous; the greens of the forest and the blues of the sky really pop, while the blacks and other dark tones aren’t completely washed out, keeping the film’s integrity intact.

This may have not been as grand of a production as Star Wars was, but it can certainly hold its own in a science fiction setting. The entire make-up department did an awesome job and I really loved the creature design of the Slayers’ leader, the Beast. He was menacing and demon-like, and could easily star in any monster movie, even today.

In addition to the great scenery and awesome effects, the acting was top-notch, as well. I enjoyed following Ken Marshall as our young hero, Colwyn, leading his band of misfits on their long and tedious journey. (That same stable consisted of a young Liam Neeson in one of his earliest roles, so keep an eye out for the Irish superstar.) By the end of the film, Marshall’s character was disheveled and war-torn, reminding me off a cross between Evil Dead‘s Ash and Luke Skywalker… not a bad combination, if you ask me!

If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy fare from the 80’s, you’ll definitely want to check out Krull. You can pick up a copy on Blu-ray today at Mill Creek Entertainment’s official webstore, which at the time of this post is also having a 50% off sale!

I give this flick 3.5 glaives out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    O jesus this movie haha, I remember this as I watched it as a kid more then once. There was that scene in the swamp that creeped me out. Well it’s not a bad movie, I always liked the cyclop creature.

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