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Meet Him and Die Review

In most, if not all, horror circles, talk of the many popular giallo and spaghetti western films of Italy are mentioned without fail. In the spirit of these sub-genres, another style of film was also prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s in Italian cinema. These action crime thrillers, known as poliziotteschi, although maybe not as popular, still include some of the most entertaining films to date. Franco Prosperi’s Meet Him and Die is certainly one of said films.

Posing as a small-time jewel robber, undercover police officer, Massimo (Ray Lovelock), gains the trust of some major players in the local crime syndicate. After a successful escape from prison, he makes it his mission to delve deeper into the gang, leading the police force right to the top bosses. Massimo manages to assist his team in catching crime lord, Giulianelli, but it isn’t without leaving a trail of bodies and bloodshed behind first.

If you’re a fan of Italy’s spaghetti westerns, you know well enough that there are some bloody shootouts to be had. Take away the wild west setting, and shootouts is exactly what you get in this crime thriller. Meet Him and Die is full of some of the most entertaining action I’ve seen in a good while. In addition to some pretty intense gun fights, there are a number of pretty lengthy and exciting car (and motorcycle) chase scenes, amping up the level of entertainment even more.

Horror fans will be pleased to know there are plenty of bullets to the head in this film, momentarily quenching their thirst for blood. If you’re a fan of gialli, spaghetti westerns, crime thrillers, or Italian cinema in general, you should definitely give this film a shot.

For the first time ever on blu-ray, Raro Video is releasing Franco Prosperi’s Meet Him and Die tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1. Be sure to visit their official website for purchase details.

I give this film 3 eggs out of 5.

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