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Mold Review

I’ve seen some pretty great low-budget, independent films since I’ve started the review Facebook page, which then transformed into this full-blown website. The creators of those films were able to take very little money and barely any other resources and turn out some pretty great productions. Sadly, for every great indie film I see, there are about 15 that I have to agonizingly sit through. Neil Meschino’s Mold, unfortunately, fits somewhat into the 15.

While it certainly isn’t the worst film I’ve seen of its kind, it didn’t even come close to the potential which I envisioned for it. The premise of an experimental mold spreading at a rapid pace sounds great on paper, but it just wasn’t executed properly.

The acting was actually better than most indie films I’ve seen, but the script was weak and didn’t really offer much entertainment. Too many of the characters were annoying, making me wonder why they were even written into the script. I do, however, want to praise the practical effects team for Mold. A lot of the more gruesome effects look pretty impressive and do help to bring the film up a notch, overall.

Mold isn’t a total loss. If you are hanging out with your buddies on a Saturday night and want to get drunk and watch a goofy indie flick, give it a shot. You may actually enjoy it!

I give Mold 1.5 spores out of 5.

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