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Outpost Review


Have you ever wanted to see a movie really badly but just put it off, then when you finally sit down and watch it, it’s almost like you have been living in a cave and suddenly someone gave you a flashlight? That’s how I felt the other day, when I got around to watching Steve Barker’s 2007 film, Outpost.  Since I am a huge Dog Soldiers fan and I saw the similarities, I immediately knew that I was in for a hell of a ride and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

When a hodge-podge crew of ex-soldiers turned hired gunmen/protection take on a job with no explanation of duties involved other than the payout, they have no idea what is in store for them. A trek out into the woods leads them to an old Nazi bunker in a clearing. Once the destination is reached and infiltrated, the soldiers speculate on why they are on the mission, which they believe to be a search for hidden Nazi gold.

The acting is brilliant, the characters are colorful, and the situation is intense. A single shot from the woods prompts a fire fight with an invisible enemy and once the smoke clears, not one body can be found in the surrounding woods. Tension begins to build once a body pit is discovered and a severely traumatized man has been found alive in the pit for an undetermined amount of time.

Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone), Richard Brake (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2), and Michael Smiley (A Field In England) steal the show for sure, with incredible performances that really flesh out the characters. Once a face is put on the enemy, we really see the soldiers tough exterior sort of melt away as they go from being in control to being completely outmatched by hordes of Nazi zombies (yep, you read that right… and did I mention they have machine guns?).

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds either. It’s tons of fun and won’t leave you unsatisfied. Even though this is technically a zombie film, it isn’t effects-heavy. The make-up is solid and the zombies are intimidating (perhaps it has to do with all of that marching in unison… oh… and did I mention the machine guns?)

This is a great way to kill an hour and a half, so hop to it! I give this film 3.5 shell casings out of 5.

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