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Paranormal Whacktivity Review

I’ve been known to enjoy a horror parody once in a while, but I can’t remember the last time one was this bad. Roger Roth’s “Paranormal Whacktivity” is one of the worst movies I’ve ever tried to sit through in my entire life…

If a filmmaker is going to make a movie that uses horror and comedy as an amalgamation, they should be able to pull off at least one of those genres fairly well. That is not the case here. Writers Chris Pentzell and Geoffrey Plitt clearly don’t know what is considered funny and think using mediocre jokes that young teens would perhaps laugh at is enough to make a successful movie. The film runs for about 90 minutes from start to finish and I think there is a total of maybe 10 seconds of laughter to be had. In fact, that number could be a bit off, considering this is the first film I’ve actually had to scrub through to try and find saving moments.

On top of all the corny jokes is awful acting. I understand that every character we meet throughout “Paranormal Whacktivity” is supposed to be goofy, but the actors couldn’t even really pull that off in an entertaining way. The only saving grace for this movie is that Sasha Formoso is absolutely gorgeous.

If you are on a mission to watch a fun and entertaining parody of the paranormal, you can skip right over “Paranormal Whacktivity.” This one gets a rating of 1 Ernie Hudson impersonator out of 5.

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