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PMS Cop Review


Bryon Blakey’s film PMS Cop was picked up by Charles Band and given a push it might not have otherwise received. I’m happy that it did because this film is one odd duck that deserves to be watched. We’ve had Maniac Cops and Psycho Cops… so I suppose this is the natural progression.

Cindy Means plays the title role and does a fantastic job with the character she portrays. Her role is only a speaking role for the first 3rd of the film and then it’s all up to her mannerisms and her wonderfully violent ways. I can see why Charles Band snatched this film up — it fits the Full Moon label perfectly.

After being “overly aggressive” with a perp, the police department puts Mary on a PMS reducing medication. The only side effect is her uncontrollable urge to murder. Once she’s apprehended by the Pharmaceutical company, their true motives for the origin of the drug become apparent. It’s all up to the PMS Cop!

I had so much fun with this movie. I know that my tastes differ from a lot of people, but if you are a fan of the outlandish, you just have to see this one. Check it out on

I personally give it 3 mandibles out of 5.

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