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Purgatory Road Review

Purgatory Road Movie Review

For avid horror movie collectors, it isn’t uncommon to have a select few distribution companies that are considered favorites. Companies that can release any film, blind buy or not, and it is still deemed worthy of purchasing. With the roll that Unearthed Films has been on as of late, it isn’t unfair to say that this is one company that all collectors should be keeping an eye on. The latest release worthy of your time is Mark Savage’s Purgatory Road.

The Plot

A priest and his brother travel the deep south countryside in their graffiti-covered van, providing a mobile confessional for all who seek salvation. Father Vincent just happens to offer that salvation in the form of death…

My Thoughts

Purgatory Road is a film chock full of talent. The talent on screen is seen in the form of Gary Cairns, Trista Robinson, and Luke Albright.

Cairns flawlessly plays the role of Father Vincent Kirby, an ex-communicated priest who metes his own brand of punishment to any and all sinner he deems worthy; Robinson does a wonderful job as the traveling loner, Mary Francis, who has committed her fair share of sinning, only to eventually join the good Father on his endless journey of absolution; Finally, Albright skillfully plays Michael, the brother who has a conscience, is tired of helping Vincent cover his murderous tracks, and wants to live a normal life.

While I am extremely impressed by the performances put on by these three wonderful actors, I can’t get over the amount of talent that co-writer and director, Mark Savage, possesses.

While Purgatory Road is in fact an independent film, it is hard for me to even fathom grouping it with what most people would think of when uttering the words “low-budget horror film.” It certainly belongs in the upper echelon of do-it-yourself horror cinema.

I have never seen any other entries from Savage’s filmography, which dates back as far as 1986 according to IMDb, but it is safe to say the man has been perfecting his craft along the way. Purgatory Road displays the greatest knowledge of cinematography, lighting, musical score, and so much more.

The Verdict

If you are a fan of indie horror and exploitation films, Purgatory Road is one you do not want to miss. The script is original and effective and the overall atmosphere created throughout is gorgeous. On top of that, you get extremely beautiful and realistic practical effects by another man who is no stranger to Unearthed Films, Marcus Koch.

Purgatory Road is available now from Unearthed Films, so be sure to pick up your copy on Blu-ray today. You won’t regret it!

I give this one 4 mood rings out of 5.

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