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Queen Crab Review

Queen Crab | Horror Movie Reviews

As much as I love watching horror films that are supposed to suck you in and get you enveloped in the events that are unfolding on screen, sometimes it’s more fun to just sit back and watch a silly flick. I don’t want to have to think all the time, so a movie that you can watch while ‘shutting off your brain’ is always a good thing. That is exactly what you get with Brett Piper’s sci-fi flick, Queen Crab.

Young Melissa is playing by her family’s pond when she stumbles across a crab. She decides to keep it as her own and even gives it a name, Pee-Wee. Like all good pet owners, Melissa must find a way to feed her new pal, so she gathers some fruit from her scientist father’s lab where he is experimenting on a formula that will ‘make things larger.’ His fruit is doing just that, as Pee Wee begins to grow exponentially in size the more Melissa takes care of and feeds him. After a tragic lab accident kills both of Melissa’s parents, she is forced to leave Pee Wee in the pond all alone and go live with her uncle, the local sheriff. Fast forward to present time and Melissa is back on her family’s property, secretly caring for her now behemoth sized crab. Pee Wee is actually a female, however, and her babies are starting to run rampant all over the small town of Crabbe Creek, causing chaos and destruction.

Queen Crab is exactly what I’ve come to expect from the films that are released by indie film studio, Wild Eye Releasing. The acting is not very good, the script isn’t the best, and there are tons of issues with audio, lighting, etc. This is all okay in the case of Piper’s film though because all we really care about here is the giant crab, right?

As a tribute to the classic stop-animation films of yesteryear, Piper and his team of animators/effects artists have created a modern-day sci-fi flick that would make Ray Harryhausen very proud. The only reason I had any interest in Queen Crab was to see the beast of a crustacean running amok in all of its ‘dynamation’ glory! Let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all either. The crab actually looked pretty great terrorizing the folks of Crabbe Creek and I loved the scenes where a few unlucky bastards actually got ripped apart by the giant claws of Pee Wee, now known as Goliath. Without a doubt, the best part of this entire feature was the practical and stop-motion effects of not only the gigantic mama crab, but also of the tiny babies scurrying around, as well.

If you’re a fan of old-school science fiction flicks like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms or It Came from Beneath the Sea, you’ll appreciate what Brett Piper and his team have done here. You can pick up Queen Crab on DVD, available now from Wild Eye Releasing.

I give this one 2 post hole-digger cults out of 5.

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