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Scarecrow Review

Who would have thought that a television network that has premiered such movies as Sharknado and Ghost Shark would have a movie of this caliber up their sleeves! From great acting to a well-thought-out plot, Sheldon Wilson’s Scarecrow has everything a horror movie fanatic could ask for.

I’ve seen enough made-for-tv movies on SyFy to know that you really can’t expect much when viewing them for the first time. Thanks to last years release of Scarecrow, however, maybe things are changing in the way of TV movies.

The acting throughout the entire film was performed remarkably well. Even some of the minor characters were entertaining and actually added to the film’s substance, instead of dumbing down the script or diminishing the quality of the film in any way. You may even see some recognizable faces in stars like Lacey Chabert (Party of Five), Robin Dunne (American Psycho II), or Richard Harmon (Bates Motel).

Being a movie made for television, Scarecrow wasn’t able to show some of the more gruesome deaths, but that didn’t stop them from showing some of said death’s aftermath. From ripped up faces to eviscerated torsos, this film should please any fan looking for their daily fix of gore. All of the effects, CGI or otherwise, looked very impressive. I’d even dare to say that most effects even looked better than some films I’ve paid for in the theaters.

This movie does not disappoint in any way. Within the first 15 minutes or so, we are already exposed to the creature and the action does not stop until the very final scene. It may not be the Jeepers Creepers 3 we’ve all been waiting years for, but this movie has enough cornfields and farmland to more than keep me satisfied.

Be sure to check this movie out for yourself on demand or by purchasing the newly released DVD. I give Scarecrow 4 dead students out of 5.

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