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Speak No Evil Review

Speak No Evil

I recently sat down and watched a little film called Speak No Evil, which was written and directed by Roze (and no that isn’t a typo… this fella only has a first name). While it had many elements of films I truly enjoy, such as The Village of the Damned and The Exorcist, this just felt like something was missing. It has a captivating story, but not much to back it with. Most of the acting is decent enough to not pull you completely out of the plot, but a few lines here and there sure can stop you in your tracks.

I wanted to have a million nice things to say about this one, but I just couldn’t get into it, which is not to say that it is a bad film. It just wasn’t for me.

When a young girl disappears in the night, the police treat it as a run away situation and pass judgement on the single mother who lives a promiscuous lifestyle, writing her off as the reason for the missing child. It soon comes to light that every child in the town is missing and everyone begins to search for the children. When the children show back up, it’s obvious that something is wrong… but how wrong?

Like I said, it has elements of some fantastic films, but fails to reach that status with me. It is worth the time, if you are into films like this, so I wouldn’t have you pass it up just because it wasn’t right for me.

I personally give this film 1.5 levitations out of 5.

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