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Storm Warning Review

Jamie Blanks’ Storm Warning was one of the first films I had seen from the subsidiary Dimension Films company, “Dimension Extreme.” With what starts off as a standard vacation gone wrong horror film, not much is expected; at least not from me, which is where I went wrong.

This film has much more to offer and I actually refer to it a lot when bringing up horror movies people may have never seen. Storm Warning has its own special brand of violence and some things are downright cringeworthy. When husband Rob and wife Pia cross the paths of some local marijuana farmers while seeking cover from an incoming storm, the tone of the film changes to what I consider an interesting take on the home invasion genre. Pia actually refers to Goldilocks and the three bears, when they enter the house, which is almost a perfect analogy. The homeowners are vile, violent, and disturbed personalities, which you truly want to see meet their end. You can almost feel the dread setting in, once the storm and the family have Rob and Pia trapped.

This is one of those horror films that can stick with you. It’s an uncomfortable journey that just might shake you up. This film gets the Rottin’ Roger Demarco seal of approval with 3 dead kangaroos out of 5.

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