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Suite 313 Review

Suite 313 movie review

Still new to the world of Necrostorm films, I was extremely excited about a number of films that I acquired recently. The company is known for their over-the-top gore, so I couldn’t wait to dive deeper into their filmography. The title which I chose to check out today is Aaron Pederis’ Suite 313.

The Plot

Ordered to answer a 911 call, officer Cooper must investigate with nothing more than a flashlight and a helmet. Once inside, the unsuspecting officer is met with obscene security measures. Can Cooper get out of this locked building before he is ripped apart by the possessed beings who roam its halls?

My Thoughts

Other than a healthy dose of gore, I had no idea what to expect when jumping into Suite 313. With a runtime of only 63 minutes, I was thrust into the action fairly quickly.

Similar to another Necrostorm title I have watched, Hotel Inferno, Suite 313 plays out like a survival horror video game. Our protagonist is trapped inside of a single location for the film’s entirety and must find his way out before it is too late. He is met with a number of obstacles, mostly in the form of supernatural ghouls and masked and disfigured experiments gone wrong.

The plot is pretty straightforward — a secret organization called Lumen forces its financial backers and donors to give up their homes and/or other property to be used as labs for various forms of occult experiments.

Suite 313 executes this idea rather well, but I must say there is much to be desired in way of the actual script. The writing for this film is not very sophisticated; There are more f-bombs dropped than is really necessary and there are countless times where the only person trying to help officer Cooper survive is met by only insults and other forms of attack. I can’t recall how many times the frightened Sandra had her instructions met with, “Shut up, old b*tch.”

Similarly, the [voice] acting throughout Suite 313 is more distracting than anything. Cooper is voiced by actor Roland Stone. Stone does very little in terms of showing any type of emotion, as he is monotone for the entire movie; At moments that are cause for some type of panic, he moves slowly, as if there is no form of danger near; In times where he must be silent to not be heard by the demon lurking around the corner, he is yelling at Sandra rather loudly.

The Verdict

With a mix of first-person and slightly over-the-shoulder camera angles, tight hallways and corridors, and tons of brightly colored gore, this 2017 flick really does feel like a live action version of your favorite first-person shooter.

It features a lot of blood and guts, which is produced with a mix of both practical and CG effects. The acting isn’t very good and the script is somewhat juvenile, but it still can be enjoyed if in the right mood.

If you are a hardcore supporter of Necrostorm and haven’t watched this one yet, I highly suggest checking it out. If you, however, aren’t familiar with this label or its very specific style of horror, you could skip this one entirely.

I am glad to have it in my expansive collection, but don’t see myself re-visiting it anytime soon, as I give Suite 313 2 Terrestrial Level One Possessed beings out of 5.

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