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The Giant Spider Review

The Giant Spider

The cheesy sci-fi flicks of the 50’s hold a special place in many of the older generations’ hearts. Unfortunately, the younger generations don’t seem to appreciate them nearly as much as they should. I have always felt I was born a decade or two late. Thus, I have a great love for the vintage films.

The art of selling your films with gimmicks and theater tricks has long since been gone; Horror films rely on slick poster art and big names to give them the push they need. Most tend to release theatrically near Halloween and executives consider that “marketing.” Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock went the extra mile and created more than films — they created experiences that lasted a lifetime.

Recently I came across filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm at the Crypticon convention in Kansas City. We had a conversation about the films of the 50’s and it was evident that his films were love letters to the glory days. Once I got home, I watched his film The Giant Spider. This is an absolute masterpiece that truly feels like it was made in the 50’s. Everything from his editing, wardrobe, and set design make it look, sound, and seem like a period piece. Mitch Gonzales’s creature design is wonderful, terrifying, and cheesy all at once.

When radiation from military nuclear tests result in a giant spider, scientists and military band together to stop the creature before it’s too late.

This is a movie that needs to be watched on a projector with a bowl of popcorn, and it’s sure to be a wonderful time for all involved. The Giant Spider is fun for the whole family because in tradition of the RKO films, it’s not filled with nightmare-inducing imagery. It’s just tongue-in-cheek enough for adults to enjoy the humor and children to enjoy the horror.

It’s hard to imagine someone not liking Christopher R. Mihm’s films. Do yourself a favor and check out his work. You won’t be disappointed.

I give this film 3.5 barns out of 5.

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