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The Perfect House Review

The Perfect House

There have been plenty of awesome anthology films in the horror genre over the years. From Creepshow and Body Bags to the more recent Trick ‘r Treat and V/H/S/, most great anthologies bring something new and refreshing to the table. The same can be said for Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent’s 2012 The Perfect House.

A newly married couple are taking a tour of what they hope will be their new dream home. As the overly sexy real estate agent takes them through the house, they start believing that things are way too good to be true. What’s the catch? Well, the viewers get to find out that the catch is really that numerous horrible acts have been performed in the house, each one more heinous than the last…

I really did not know what to expect coming into this film. I know it is an independently shot production, so my expectations were rather low, admittedly. Boy, was I way off, this time around. Everything about The Perfect House was impressive — the acting (the cast included not only Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame, but also Jonathan Tiersten from the same series) was great, the stories were original and unpredictable, and there was blood… tons of blood!

The hardest feat for an anthology film, I feel, is always how to tie the segments together. We’ve seen films of this nature have completely separate stories with an introduction by some sort of narrator, while we’ve also seen the complete opposite — unorganized shorts just tossed together for the hell of it. The Perfect House did a wonderful job of intertwining all of the segments, while still maintaining a strong sense of individuality for each tale.

The entire production featured practical effects, which I’m glad to say seems to be done more and more as of late. The less crappy CGI I have to sit through, the better. The Perfect House presented some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen… I usually don’t like to give too much away, but how I can I not tell you guys about a dude’s eyelids being cut off and seeing his eyeballs moving around for a few more scenes!? Truly awesome to sit and watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the carnage. On top of that, we get to see one of the victims attacked with a weedwhacker! The gore is extreme and I loved every second of it!

If you are a fan of anthology films and are a supporter of truly original independent filmmaking, you won’t be disappointed here, folks. Visit Wild Eye Releasing’s official website to order a copy of The Perfect House today!

I give it 3.5 crappy weedwhackers out of 5.

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