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The Silence Review

Baran bo Odar’s The Silence is a horrifying, yet gorgeous film. With subject matter including abduction, rape, and murder, it would be tough to convince certain people of this film’s beauty. However, within the first few tense moments, we are treated with Nikolaus Summerer’s wonderful visual stylings. Clearly, Odar had a vision and saw it through with a nearly flawless execution.

A community is shocked with the disappearance of a teenage girl that more than resembles a similar case that had long since been swept under the rug. While connecting the dots, police begin to close in on the truth, dealing with a ton of emotions from police officers who worked on the original case, friends and family of the victims, and the killers themselves.

The story is slick and entertaining. Taking the more subtle route with the horror, The Silence leaves most of the violence off-screen. The tension is in full swing from the second act all the way to the finale. Surprisingly, this film gives its villains more humanity than most. Instead of foaming at the mouth and spouting horrid one liners, they are portrayed just as human as the officers pursuing them.

The Silence is a slow burn film with every reason to stay stuck in your memory. If you are a fan of murder mystery style horror or binge on Law and Order, you might really want to see this!

This film gets the Rottin’ Roger Demarco seal of approval with 3.5 home movies out of 5.

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