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Murder University Review

There are tons of independent horror films with miniscule budgets that seem to use those unfortunately low budgets as part of the film, making a joke out of their final product. There are also those that take the money and resources they are allotted and actually make an effort to churn out a respectable project. It seems to me that Richard Griffin’s Murder University falls within the latter category.

While Griffin’s slasher does include some of the corny jokes and middle school humor that I dislike in most indie films, it doesn’t overdo it, making it much more tolerable. When the dialog isn’t full of this brand of humor, the script is actually pretty impressive.

Murder University isn’t a groundbreaking film, but it does have its strengths. The cast seems to be full of forced performances, but sprinkled amongst the less experienced are a few actors that seem to really shine. Leading the pack is Jamie Dufault who plays our main protagonist, Josh. It’s 1983 and Josh has started his first year of college. Almost immediately upon his arrival, students begin getting knocked off one by one.

There is a lack of diversity when it comes to the kills used in this film, but I must say that the make-up and effects were done very well, given the size of Griffin and company’s budget. Although it was mostly slit throats and chopped heads, there was great use of practical make-up and I loved seeing some of the more gruesome aftermath amongst the corpse collection.

This independent slasher flick isn’t one of my favorites, but it is a worthy entry into the sub-genre and certainly a project that Richard Griffin should be proud to have in his portfolio. I’d love to see some of his more serious work and I hope to see Jamie Dufault in a few bigger-budgeted films in the near future, as well.

Get out there and support independent horror and pick up a copy of Murder University. I give this film 2.5 lacrosse players out of 5.

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