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But if it Happens by Chance…

Fever Review

Fever | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Artsploitation Films has a knack for releasing some very interesting films, many of which I would never even hear about if it weren’t for the indie studio’s distribution. There are plenty of films in the catalog I have yet to see, but the ones I have had the pleasure of viewing have all been entertaining in their own unique way. While it isn’t my favorite of the bunch, Raphael Neal’s Fever is no different in its uniqueness and originality.

High [...]

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You Little Freak!

Cub Review


More often than not, I set myself up to be disappointed that the final product doesn’t mirror the hype that was created for it. However, it was nearly a year ago when I saw the trailer for Jonas Govaerts’ film, Cub. I can recall exactly how I felt; My jaw hit the floor as flashes of grisly violence were intermingled with a haunting camp song. I remember telling myself, “This looks so damn good!” Trying to remind myself that [...]

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All the Way for Studio Red

The House with 100 Eyes Review

The House with 100 Eyes

A little over a month ago, I reviewed the anniversary release of a documentary about the legend of snuff films entitled Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera. It is only fitting that I chose this next film for review as it fits perfectly into the snuff mix. Artsploitation’s release of The House with 100 Eyes, directed by Jay Lee and Jim Roof, is a decent entry in the found footage sub-genre that brings plenty of blood and [...]

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It’s the Opposite of Fun

Toad Road Review

Toad Road

I want to start this review out by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mommies out there! I hope you all are enjoying a lovely day with your family and friends!

Instead of being predictable and writing about Charles Kaufman’s Mother’s Day or the subsequent re-imagining, created by Darren Lynn Bousman in 2010, I decided to take the unconventional route. And unconventional is just the right word to use to describe Jason Banker’s approach to a genre [...]

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Nobody Can Go Out

Memory of the Dead Review

Memory of the Dead

There are a whole slew of great studios and distributors out there that horror fans are huge supporters of. Some of the bigger and most popular names that tend to be thrown around most often consist of the likes of Shout! Factory and their Scream! label, Synapse, and Severin in the states, with Arrow and 88 Films doing a good job of running things over in the UK. If you happen to love horror as much as Roger and I [...]

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Use Your Eyes

Wither Team Review

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund’s film Wither is certainly a familiar story. Released a mere four months after the Evil Dead remake, it’s safe to say no plagiarism was involved, but these two films are strikingly similar. I, however, feel that Wither is a superior film in many aspects.

Its gut-wrenchingly playful with its violence, and takes no time at all to deliver. The practical effects are nice and the blood flows in gallons. A few cgi shots can be [...]

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