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You’re Home Aloning Him!?

Better Watch Out Review

Better Watch Out | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

It’s safe to say that I’ve officially crossed over into “impressing myself” territory. Just a few short days ago, I was sharing how each year during Christmas time, I fail miserably at watching holiday-themed horror flicks. Now, here I am, on my third one in just as many days. For tonight’s viewing pleasure, I finally sat down with Chris Peckover’s Better Watch Out.

It’s Christmas time and before leaving for Pittsburgh, Ashley is persuaded to babysit Luke one last [...]

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F*ck Yeah, We’re Cool!

Better Watch Out Guest Review

Better Watch Out | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

So by turning on VRV, I decided to watch one of the movies on my viewing list while I gamed. The choice of the day — 2016’s Better Watch Out. The film claims to be a play on the old home invasion films, but it has one huge twist during half of the film that I can not say without giving it away. So it is a bit of a true challenge to review this film without giving away [...]

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