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Have You Started Again?

Frightmare Review

I’ve seen my share of cannibal films over the years, but none seemed to play out quite like this one. Although it started out like a confusing mess, Pete Walker’s Frightmare ultimately turned out to be a rather cohesive, well-thought-out story.

The film starts off in black and white, in 1957, where two individuals are being sentenced to time in a mental institution. Fast forward a bit, now in color, we meet the rest of the cast that makes up [...]

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She Needs… Special Food

Grace Review

Paul Solet’s “Grace” is far more disturbing than I had imagined. I don’t mean that it is disturbing in its use of gore or shock value, but moreso in its psychological elements that I was certainly not prepared for.

The main story of this 2009 Adam Green production is great; I love its originality and the way it plays out is very well done. The use of a real baby mixed with various shots of a fake, effects baby was [...]

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I Wish we Were Like Everyone Else…

We Are What We Are Review

From the moment I heard about the remake of Jorge Michel Grau’s 2010 cannibal flick, “We Are What We Are,” I was excited to see what an American director [who turned out to be Jim Mickle] would do with the story. After watching it, however, I’m not sure if I’m all together pleased with the result.

The story itself remained fairly intact, although every single role seemed reversed — the father and mother from the original switched roles in this [...]

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