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It Kind of Tingles

Contracted Review

Eric England’s Contracted is one of those movies that caught me off guard; I was intrigued when the trailer was released and was looking forward to seeing it. During the wait, I kept seeing people praising another film, Thanatomorphose, calling it “a better version of Contracted,” so like a dummy, I took the bait and that film was god awful. This left me sad, thinking that Contracted would fall short of a movie I couldn’t even finish. However, [...]

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What the Hell is Wrong With Your Eye!?

Contracted Guest Review

I often joke about how Carrie should be used in schools as advertisement against bullying and from now on, I’ll say the same thing about Contracted, since this indie horror movie works greatly as a cautionary tale about unprotected sex. I bet teenagers will think twice, after seeing the slow and painful degeneration of the girl’s body, leading to the ruin of her life.

The concept behind Contracted is something I have been thinking of writing for a long [...]

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I’m Way Too High for That

Contracted Review

Every once in a while a movie comes out by a director I’ve never heard of or seen anything by that I still decide to give a chance. I am certainly glad I gave Eric England a chance because Contracted is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time!

I had viewed the trailer for this film a few times and I knew the premise rather well, but I had no real idea of how the entire [...]

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