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Crawl Review

Crawl poster

This year has been a pretty great year for horror films and there are still two months to go. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen plenty of entertaining genre flicks in theaters, making the movie-watching experience that much more grandiose. One of my favorites to experience in this manner was, without a doubt, Alexandre Aja’s Crawl.

The Plot

Braving a category 5 hurricane, Haley is searching for her father. Once finding him, she soon realizes that there is [...]

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The Color… Chocolate

Crawl Review

It is quite refreshing to pop on a film you’ve never seen before only to be treated to an original and creative presentation. That is exactly what one will get when viewing Paul China’s Crawl for the first time.

Not like your typical Aussie horror flick, Paul China managed to take a screenplay with very limited dialog and turn it into a wonderful time. I want to say that about 70% of the film is completely without any type of [...]

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