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I Can Feel Myself Changing

Clown Review

Clown | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

There are certain recurring themes in horror that will never go away. Some aren’t very entertaining and I can personally do without, while some just make sense. Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, is a very real thing and what better way to scare someone than to produce an entire feature film based on this fear. That is exactly what first-time feature director Jon Watts and writer, Christopher Ford, have managed to create with their collaborative effort, Clown.

It [...]

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It Was Free Pizza!

Knock Knock Review

Knock Knock | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Eli Roth is no stranger to pushing boundaries in his films, which comes as no surprise, seeing as how he got his start working for the notoriously
disgusting “Troma.” It’s very clear that he has a love for all sub-genres of horror; From Giallos to cannibal films, his knowledge and passion shine in all of his work. His newest film, Knock Knock, is probably the best film of 2015, if not his career. Since Eli Roth is already an [...]

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You Should Watch More Scooby Doo

The Green Inferno Review

The Green Inferno

In the horror community Eli Roth’s reputation seems to be split almost 50/50; Some absolutely love his work, while others despise everything he touches. I personally happen to think that he is a fantastic director with some amazingly shocking films. His newest film, The Green Inferno has been on hardcore horror fans radar for nearly two years. We all eagerly awaited its release last year, only to watch it get pulled from distribution. With its fate uncertain, many of us [...]

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