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See Ya, Champ

Mikey Review

Mikey poster

Having friends who love horror films just as much as you is great. You can discuss the stuff you love and hate with someone likeminded and even if your opinions differ, it’s usually a pretty good time. I will say that I don’t blatantly ignore my friends’ recommendations, but I do infact find it difficult to squeeze them in amongst the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of other flicks I have on my to-watch list. As somewhat of a new record for [...]

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What’s it Like to be Dead?

Bloody Birthday Review

Oh Lordy, where do I start with Ed Hunt’s Bloody Birthday? This is one of those movies that rocks the killer kid genre with all of that great 80’s splatter. Movies like Mikey and The Good Son owe a little bit to this classic as much as they owe The Bad Seed or Village of the Damned.

This film is nasty, bloody, and perverted! Everything that an 80’s horror fan loves. The dialog is better than average, the [...]

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You Should Feel Something!

Village of the Damned Review

You know, sometimes a movie gets a bad rep before it truly gets a chance to shine. I feel as if John Carpenter’s remake of “Village of the Damned” is one of those films.

The year was 1995 and the horror genre was in full swing. Wes Craven had released “Wes Craven’s: New Nightmare” the year before and Carpenter had even released “In The Mouth Of Madness.” Tobe Hooper had released “The Mangler”… you get the point. Now, I have [...]

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Give me That, Angel Face

Bloody Birthday Review

Just by looking at the artwork for Ed Hunt’s “Bloody Birthday,” I knew there was going to be some great slasher fun to be had! Boy, it didn’t take long for the action to start either. Within the first 15 minutes of the film, not only do we get the first two kills, but we are already introduced to all [three] of the killers!

I have to say, the entire cast of this film did a great job, but I [...]

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