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Everybody’s Afraid Sometime

Venom Review

Venom | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

One of my favorite things about the horror genre is the diversity of its antagonists. The killers of our favorite movies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the brooding villains from the slasher films, supernatural entities that haunt and hunt their prey alike. Hell, there are even killer gingerbread men and murdering puppets! However, among all of these, some of my favorite films are those that utilize nature’s various killers. You know, films like Jaws, Shakma, [...]

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So Be It

Crawlspace Review

There are so many horror films that no one ever talks about and until studios like Shout! Factory do them justice with proper distribution, they are all but lost to the world. This statement has never been more true than when speaking about David Schmoeller’s 1986 Empire Pictures production, Crawlspace.

With very little blood displayed in its 80 minute runtime, Crawlspace’s true horror lies solely in Klaus Kinski’s character, Dr. Karl Gunther. Dr. Gunther is a voyeuristic landlord, who [...]

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