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Time is Running Out

Kill Zone 2 Review

Kill Zone 2 | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I’ve been a fan of martial arts films for at least fifteen years now. Sadly, however, I do not watch them frequently enough to really keep up with the actors or any new trends that may be occurring in the genre. When I do happen to stumble across one and actually have time to watch it, I am blown away at how the genre has evolved. In that regard, Pou-Soi Cheang’s Kill Zone 2 is no exception.

There are many [...]

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He Planned a Slaughter

Kung Fu Killer Review

Kung Fu Killer

Whenever I take a break from the grotesque horror flicks that I love so very much, it seems I fall back on the same types of films over and over again. Usually I’d throw on some kind of superhero flick or a film about Greek/Roman mythology, but this time around, it is another action-packed martial arts film — Teddy Chan’s Kung Fu Killer.

Hahou Mo (Donnie Yen) turns himself in to the police after accidentally killing a man during [...]

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